The Magic Mandala Disc


Imagine owning an object that had the power to change for better the water you drink, the food you eat and even the people you know. It sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie, but there have been some incredible claims and results in conjunction with the technology behind the Magic Mandala discs in recent years.


We are so very excited to introduce our most powerful device ever! The Magic Mandala, a disc with over 10,000 negative ions! This beautiful Mandala can be worn as a pendant, but that’s just the beginning! It revitalizes water, removes toxins from food, heals pain (really!), protects you and your family from EMF’s, and SO very much more! Frankly, this Magic Mandala has us overwhelmed by the many things it is doing for our well-being.

Speaking personally, this product can change your life.

This is our most powerful device ever, with over 10,000 negative ion reading!

  • By placing the Magic Mandala under a meal plate or glass, the molecular structure of both food and drink will break down into smaller clusters for easy penetration and absorption. The flavor of both will also be enhanced.
  • By drinking the enhanced water, one may see a reduction of wrinkles by the hydrating of the skin and activating collagen and elastin. This will not happen for all as we each have a different DNA.
  • Place a Magic Mandala disc in a pocket or purse for more energy. (No body contact is necessary.)
  • Place Magic Mandala disc in refrigerator (center shelf is best.) Food, with the exception of fresh meat and fish, will stay fresh longer.
  • Place beneath sick house plants, or water sick plants with water which has been placed on plate overnight.
  • Place disc in dog or cat bed, or under food dish.
  • To energize crystals, place on disc for 12 hours.
  • Use the disc on injured area of any living thing.
  • Travelers can carry a Magic Mandala disc to energize their drinking water and eliminate illness and stomach upsets.
  • Place a disc on your forehead to alleviate headache pain, on joints to alleviate gout and arthritis pain, on stomach to stop nausea.
  • Can be used as a Reflexology frequency tool to facilitate the flow of energy.
  • Placed on forehead in the morning will help you to remember your dreams. Also place on forehead to promote deeper meditation.

But wait..there’s more! The Magic Mandala disc will also:

  • Harmonize your living environment surrounded by EMFs such as Wi-Fi, cell phone radiations, etc.
  • Generate hexagonal water clusters
  • Improves absorption and increases hydration
  • Improve micro circulation
  • Use in conjunction with a humidifier or air purifier to improve the quality of air
  • Increase the absorption of face and body creams

Send an email to  and we will be happy to send you a ‘how to use / number needed’ email. 


Dear Going Scalar, 

…..I happen to have two Magic Mandala discs taped to my hip because I found two raisin- sized nodules under my skin….in the area where doctors like to give you shots. I’m going to keep the discs on for a couple more days before I check again. I had never noticed them there before, so your discs came just in time. Kind of scary, but excited to see the results. I know I will be healed because one of the first things I did with the discs is put one in my shoe like you said to. Not for energy, but because I have an ingrown toenail that has given me trouble for two years!! In one day, it was no longer red, and sensitive to touch. It was looking better, and did not hurt anymore!!

I can’t thank you enough! Those little discs pack a punch!! I would say for healing, they are better than the glass disc!

Ok, just thought I would update you and thank you from the bottom of my heart, (and toes!) ?. Your new disc is a winner! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

With love & gratitude,

Nancy (Reno NV)


I brought the disc back home to Cameroon, I have tested it on my uncle who had back pain and he told me he is feeling better. I also applied it on a friend who has suffered from migraines for many years. He told me he is healed!

~ M.P


I have been literally suffering from gout since the middle of March.  Pills, acupuncture .. all these were only slightly effective. Within a few hours of using the disc, my pain and discomfort had improved tremendously.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!



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