I am very excited about the Scalar Energy Bio Disc we’re now offering.

It’s a natural energy generating device, powerfully rejuvenating the molecular structures in ALL liquids, creating molecular chains similar to those found in natural spring water. The SE Bio Disc has 13 minerals locked into it by a technically engineered high fusion heat technique, including Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Chromium and Copper. You will not believe the incredible and unexpected benefits you will get from this Scalar Energy Bio Disc. 

Check it out under the Products section of our site and definitely read the FAQ’s on the SE Bio Disc.  This product has been wildly popular in Asia for more than five years, offered by a MLM and it sells for $300 or more.  We are offering the same product – guaranteed to last for 15 years – for under $160.  I’ve compiled some excellent testimonials from Asia, also available under the Products section of our site.

The SE Bio Disc will improve your sleep ease your aches and pains rejuvenate your skin has never looked better, that you’re drinking (and bathing in) the sweetest (and most spectacular) water you’ve ever tasted, that your blood pressure has normalized, that all the foods in your fridge are fresher, last longer and taste w-a-a-a-y better.

Love and Light,


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