Ladybug EMF Cell Phone Protector


Created for cell phone EMF protection, this revolutionary little Ladybug offers the most advanced technology to address a wide range of health concerns and reduces SAR from cell phones by up to 99%.  Available in red and blue.


Research has shown prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and EMR causes a measurable stress response and negative shifts in the body’s key energetic systems such as the bio electric field.  It also triggers a series of troubling biochemical responses.  Studies have linked electro-pollution to health concerns like fatigue and hyper-tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions.  One of the most common sources of EMF is your cell phone.


A great first-line defense against electro pollution is the Ladybug EMF Cell Phone Protector.  Simply attach the Ladybug Zerofon near the antenna of your phone, and rest in the knowledge that this product can reduce the SAR of cell phones by up to 99%. The Ladybug is designed to be easily attached and continues to function for years.

The patented ceramic material is specially formulated from a variety of metal oxides, which when combined and sintered at 1600 degrees Celsius, produce a material with a unique absorptive quality.  Specifically, these materials are capable of selective absorption of very high-frequency radio waves.  This is because the materials’ nuclei have at least one unpaired proton or neutron and act like tiny magnets.  When a strong magnetic field acts on such nuclei, it sets them into precession – a unique pattern specific to magnetic materials.  When the natural frequency of the precessing nuclear magnets corresponds to the frequency of the external radio wave striking the material, energy is absorbed by the nuclei at a frequency call the resonant frequency.

Note:  This powerful little Ladybug comes in several colors.  Blue is featured here.


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