Gold Wrapped SE Pyramid Power Harmonizer




One of our best-selling and most popular products is now available on a permanent base and gold wrapped! “Pyramid Power” is “Scalar Resonance” caused by the geometric shape of the pyramid, also related to “shape energy.”  Any electromagnetic frequencies are converted by the direct influence of the perfect pyramid shape causing it to act as an accumulator changing them into a new harmonized form of energy. The Scalar Energy (SE) Energy Pyramid provides enough negative ion energy for an average room to harmonize the EMF’s in the room.


In the kitchen, it will protect the appliances. The pyramids are a great asset to a sleeping individual if placed under the bed in the bedroom. Today there is a great exposure to EMF’s in the new electric cars. These cars are coming and will be an item in the future just like the computers and cell phones. All we can do is protect ourselves. We recommend that 2 pyramids be placed under each front seat paying special attention to the driver’s side where most of the cables run under the car cabin.

These SE pyramids are made from 100% natural material, and test on the ore meter, up to 4200 negative ions.  The SE Pyramid provides negative ion energy for an average room to harmonize the EMF’s in the room. Typically, this would be an office room, bedroom, living room, family room, and the bathroom.

When placing the pyramid on any surface in your home, make sure the four points of the pyramid are pointed toward N, S, E and W. On a night table, properly placed, these pyramids can assure a great night’s sleep.


Wow! I was advised to sleep with the Alpha Spin the floor, under my bed/head, with the Pyramid next to me on the night table, each point at true north, south, east and west. Honestly. I have never slept as well and I wanted to share my ‘discovery’ with you. I have been buying your products since 2010, and continue to be amazed by them. Thank you for introducing us to the benefits of Scalar Energy!

MB, Willow Grove, PA


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